The Return of Hallowe'en!

Halloween is back. Trick-or-treating and small group gatherings have both been approved, but before you head out on the town, here are a few tips to keep you and your little ghoul safe on that magical night.

Rediscover Treat-or-treating 

This year the Province of Ontario has approved a return of this favourite event, provided that a few safety measures are put into place.   

The Basics:

Before you head out, double-check how everyone in your group is feeling.  If you or anyone in your family are feeling a little bit under the weather: Stay home. This will help prevent both the spread of Covid-19 and any other airborne illnesses. 

When dressing up, discuss how face masks can become a part of the costume. Double-layered cloth masks are available in a variety of themes, including superheroes, Harry Potter, animal masks, and classic Halloween. Remember, most children have become accustomed to wearing these masks in school, so adding this additional layer of protection will likely be well accepted. 

Safety advisory on Halloween Masks: Halloween masks are not a replacement for surgical masks. In fact, try to avoid using these masks at all, as they cannot be safely worn over a surgical mask, and they will not protect you from Covid-19.  

Bring the Following: 

  • Bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Extra face mask
  • Extra bag (for overflow of candy)
  • Umbrella/jackets – in case of weather

When trick-or-treating, stay outdoors and plan to stop at the houses that you know (neighbours, classmates, family) instead of knocking at every door. 

Trick-or-treating 101 

  1. Stay outdoors whenever possible. If the weather is agreeable, why not put your treats at the end of your laneway or driveway to help maintain that 6 feet apart. 
  2. Remind your child to refrain from yelling or singing while at the doorway. This will help limit the number of respiratory droplets. 
  3. Avoid mixing groups and crowding doorways. 
  4. Be patient. Trick or treating may take a bit longer this year, but maintaining distance between groups will help keep everyone safe. 

Create your Own Halloween Adventure 

Part of the magic of Halloween is the possibility of a night where everything is a little unusual.  Although Trick-or-treating has become a bit of a tradition, there are lots of other ways to celebrate this evening. 

Here are just a few suggestions: 

  1. Create a fun Halloween meal with some ghastly-looking treats like spider spaghetti, bone breadsticks, and hot dog mummies.   
  2. Host a costumed movie event with your family and a few close friends; remember to include a few spooky treats and prizes for the best costume. 
  3. Roast marshmallows and gather round to tell spooky stories around a bonfire.
  4. Create a creepy trail and host a flashlight walk.
  5. Have a small Halloween gathering with fun treats, crafts, slime making, pumpkin painting, and a costume parade.  
  6. Instead of going door-to-door for trick or treating, set up stations around your home or create a treat scavenger hunt. 

Whether you enjoy this as a family or in a small circle of friends, Halloween is an excellent opportunity to celebrate both the magical and mysterious. So have fun and stay safe!

October 28, 2021 — Gavin Riley